The Journey

Sometimes, the path we walk can be rugged.

With plenty of opportunities to trip and fall, we do our best to navigate safely. Sometimes, this means paying close attention to where our feet fall. Sometimes, it means we need to work harder to get where we are going. Sometimes, it means finding another path altogether.

And sometimes – quite simply – it involves tripping, falling and getting back up.

The experience of the journey differs greatly from individual to individual; from moment to moment.

Are you an experienced hiker?

Are you just starting out?

Are you on top of your game that day?

Are you wearing the ideal footwear?

Is anything holding you back?

We all strive to arrive at the other side. Traveling is often accompanied by complication. However, the more you persevere and the more preparedness you possess, the more seamless your experience.

May beauty and love be awaiting you and may strength and determination help to carry your weight on the way.

The journey is worth it.


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