To Blog, or Not to Blog?

I’ve been struggling with the idea of blogging my heart out.

The part of me that loves to write wants to do just that; I am often long-winded, however. Now is a time where everything is instant and easily digestible…not a time where people enjoy sitting and reading anything longer than 100 characters. I have considering condensing my writing – by a fair bit. I’ll save the long-windedness for my novel. *Wink*

Fear calls out to me, telling me that my honesty will not serve me well and never has.

Anxiety nags: “No. One. Cares. Get over yourself!”

I often wonder about actions and consequences. But enough of that.

To me, writing feels good. I am called to it, time and time again. Not only does it help me, but my hope is to help others in this way.

And so I shall.




3 thoughts on “To Blog, or Not to Blog?

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  1. Blog all the things! The right people will find you and will want to read what you have to share. 🙂 Besides, your writing style is easy to read. If you’re ever worried an entry might be too long, just break it up with some handy subheaders or more photos/graphics. That usually keeps people interested. 😀


    1. I am figuring out that if a post is gonna be long, it’s gonna be long haha. Thank you for the encouragement and excellent tips 😀


    2. Also: thank you so much for saying that my writing is easy to read! That makes me happy. Sometimes, I’m not sure if I’m being concise enough but I’ve been doing some brain-training to help with that. Guess it’s been working!


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