I Wanna Be Sedated

For years I have been seeing doctors, trying to get to the bottom of this constant, chronic pain.

I can trace it back to when I was 13.

I remember being unable to complete a stretch – there was this shooting pain in my right hamstring.

That was the day I gave up on exercise. Sounds dramatic, I have no doubt.  But nothing I would do could stop that pain.

Over the years, this sensation has spread throughout my right side, predominantly. My doctors have been largely dismissive; insisting that I was simply too young to be feeling this way. Even when an orthodontist diagnosed me with arthritis of the jaw, my family doctor refused to believe it.

I have been seeing a chiropractor for around a year and a half now. She can clearly see the misalignment of my spine and sympathises with the pain it is bound to cause me.

I plucked up the nerve the other day to ask her about medicinal cannabis. I thought she might be able to help me convince my hard-nosed MD on the issue.

Now…those that know me are aware that I smoke the herb. I don’t bother trying to hide it anymore.

Let me try that again: I recently quit.

I detest and abhor smoking with a passion, but the benefits it produced were undeniably worth it…until I finally decided that they weren’t. Not at the expense of my lungs, esophagus and mouth in particular. The amount I was smoking, well…I could notice a problem.

I have since switched exclusively to cannabis oil, which is disgusting and pricey.  So I am taking the plunge and confronting my doctor to cut costs. Legalities don’t so much concern me in this area, but it’s a bonus. Now…if anyone has any tips on cutting the horrible taste, I would love to hear you out!

Anyway, when my chiropractor responded with 100% support, I nearly broke down into so many tears.
The feeling of validation came rushing over me. I was giddy! Not just because I now had a shot at getting perma-giddy on my drug of choice, but because someone with a degree in medicine acknowledged my struggle.

In all honesty, I don’t know how to wrap this up neatly. I am still in limbo in this process of getting a license. I am hopeful, though, which I couldn’t say before now. I guess I might ask for your blessings, dear readers? That would be ever so lovely.



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  1. All of the blessings. I briefly noted on Facebook that a friend of yours mentioned edibles, which I totally recommend. I hate smoking too but edibles are fantastic and a lot more potent. You can still taste it, but depending on what kind of food you cook it into, the tastes mingle enough to make it bearable-to-pleasant. Another benefit is that if you find the oil too expensive, you can make cannabutter with the leaf, too. The internet’s got some decent cannabutter recipes, and once you’ve got that you can use it in pretty much any kind of dessert recipe that calls for butter.

    For storage, I’d recommend keeping your edibles in a Tupperware container at the back of the freezer and microwave-thawing them individually when you want one — partly to keep ’em fresh, and partly to keep curious little eyes, hands and mouths away from them.


    1. I whipped up a batch of cannabutter (cannaoil, I suppose…mmmm, coconut oil…) a little while back in a small slow cooker my mom gave me for this very purpose 🙂 I have been researching techniques for some time. I really like this method. Keeps it at a low temperature and nothing evaporates this way.

      I finally got around to incorporating it into brownies tonight. They are delish!!! I did not skimp in the least…they are almost pure melted chocolate. The leafy taste is barely noticeable compared to just mixing it with honey. And you’re right; it was quite intense! I’m really very pleased 😀

      I can’t seem to keep anything out of the reach of my agile daughter…I just need to stay vigilant. I am also 100% honest with her (age appropriately). She did ask me about the brownies when she got home and I told her she can’t have them as they contain medicine. Luckily for me, she is not a fan of baked goods in general. Winning!!


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