Chart a Course to Compassion, Cap’n!

Here, I will write about what I envision this blog to be and redouble my efforts to focus. Also, I will hopefully convince any readers that this is not going to be a total drag from start to finish!

I believe in the power of words. I have both witnessed and experienced it.

I am drawn to blogging because it allows the potential to connect with large audiences. If my words could help even one soul-struggler, then my heart would feel full.

I am also selfishly seeking closure through writing, but that’s the beauty of selfishness: if you find something that pleases you while helping others, you have struck balance.

My early experiences were largely negative, which has framed my entire life since then. So, you will very well see a lot of that scattered throughout my writings. However, my ultimate goal is to curb these negative tendencies, change my frame of mind by owning my experience through writing, and follow up with positivity. More balance.

I am not coming from a self righteous space. I am not a believer in hierarchies or segregation. My desire is to connect with others and perpetuate healing. I want to ask tough questions and gain perspective through friendly debate when opportunities arise. I want to use my words to make a difference.

If you like what you read, please share it. While it isn’t my intention to collect followers, I would like to see my posts move through you if they move something inside of you.




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