Aliens, Horoscopes and Nazis

So I really want to discuss aliens, but I am hesitant to go down that avenue here at Happy Happy Harvest.

So, I will go into something semi-related instead. BUT – if you ever want to talk aliens, get at me.

Astrology is a subject that receives a lot of hate. I believe that it is simply misunderstood and as a result is oversimplified to the point of ridicule.
I’m sure you have heard the argument that the characteristics attributed to each of the 12 signs are so vague that they could apply to anyone. And sure, they could.

If we look more carefully at astrology, though, it is easy to see how the signs and their attributes will intersect.

Let me just say that I am not a regular horoscope reader. I don’t think the compatibility generators are infallible. I DO believe that these matters could be evaluated astrologically, but that it is much more complex and extremely individual.

Therefore, it would be difficult for a general horoscope to be accurate for everyone of a particular sign.

The reason for this is because along with your primary sign are other, complimentary signs (i.e. my primary sign is Libra but my rising sign is Taurus if I remember correctly). I don’t know enough about it to go into any depth, but that’s the basic idea. So no one person exclusively embodies the traits of their primary sign because there is more to them than just the month they were born in. Which is true in and outside of the subject of astrology.

Are you still with me? I can feel a dip in the readership already and I haven’t even posted this yet.

I do believe that, if the complexity of your individual celestial-combo is decoded by someone who is learned in astrology, you could potentially gain insight into your existence.

I mean, let’s think about this scientifically.

It is widely suggested that we originate from star dust. I say “suggested”, because even a large percentage of just my (staunchly religious) elders would refuse to accept this as fact, but…it is.

Where else could we have come from? Other than…directly from “God”, as many believe to be true. Now for two thoughts:

  1. Since we come directly from stars, then stars are – by that definition – “God”;
  2. There is absolutely no reason why religion and science cannot harmonise. Even if you look further into the “big picture” rather than stopping and accepting stars as gods, you are still looking for the origin or the creator, which is “God”…i.e. IT’S ALL THE SAME.

So why and how would our lives and our very bodies NOT be connected to the great, celestial bodies we were birthed from?

Ehhh??? But seriously, comment to debate if you like!

Also…please, everyone…STOP being blinded by the extremes of the religion – science dichotomy and START trying to find a happy medium between the two. And I mean happy. I defy you to believe what I believe and not be as blissed- (and blessed-) out as I am.

Or, y’know, don’t. I’m not your mother; even if I were, I still could not ultimately control how you feel or what you believe. Nor should I want to, as any sort of healthy parent.

So, yeah. I’m so content with the constant learning that is my life. And by content, I mean titilated each and every step of the way. I am not content for someone to present me with a finite way of thinking that has been decided by someone who is not me. This is why religion is incredibly personal, just like astrology.

That being said, anyone who segregates others due to their beliefs is akin to segregating someone because of the month in which they were born. It’s both ignorant and hateful. Also quite ludicrous.

In addition: some of the reasons why I love the Internet and am hopeful for the future of the human race are because anyone who is open to new ideas is gradually coming to accept tolerance as a way of life. Acceptance is slowly becoming the status quo. The more love and acceptance that goes around, the more peace and unity we will experience.

So please, do yourself and everyone else (we are all connected!) a favour and promote tolerance.
And…not for everything…be reasonable. My rule of thumb is: if you’re not causing actual harm (not perceived, as in: homophobic persons perceiving a threat from homosexual persons where there is none) then…you’re probably just fine. You have my tolerance! But as soon as you are causing harm (rape, murder, pedophilia, sociopathic behaviours in general) then I will NOT tolerate your behaviour and will advocate for your rehabilitation.

This is all just me imposing my agenda on the world. Make no mistake on that.  I think I know best and I want you to think a lot like I do. I like to think that the difference between my agenda and other peoples’ agendas is that the intended byproducts of mine are meant to be beneficial for all opposed to the ideas of say, Donald T(D)rump(f) a.k.a. the wannabe Hitler of this generation who would love nothing less than to make life miserable for those who are either not him or not in his following.

But that is up (or down) to the beholder to decide. Plenty of people were crazy for Hitler’s whole regime…but, like any typical opposer, I believe that was all a result of a combination of mental illness among the populace (possibly even perpetuated by the Nazis) and the fact that there are some people on this great planet that would love to watch it and its inhabitants suffer and die. I can’t explain why that is or why I oppose it…other than that I deeply feel that destroying others is morally wrong.

That’s a bonus, right? Like, I definitely don’t lose any points for that.

Well, I do with the sociopaths. But I’m okay with this.

That being said, the line has to be drawn somewhere. It can’t be all peace and love all the time. Tolerance only extends so far. If rehabilitation is futile because you’re pure evil then you must be destroyed. In the name of survival. Yeah.

Balance, right? It’s everywhere. Or, at least, it CAN be…

This is your Liberal Libra, signing off for now.


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