Well, that was a wild trip that I didn’t realise I’d booked.

I didn’t have to go far…I barely made it from my office to the living room, maybe 20 steps away.

Time travel…that’s what I was doing.

Much like what we are all doing at any given moment, only I was literally kicking and screaming. Involuntarily.

By kicking and screaming, I mean Parkinson’s-level trembling and cries of agony violently tearing through me and out, into punctuated sound waves.

Like, The Exorcist. Less vomit, but it made sure to make an appearance.

True to form, a thunder storm manifested nearby just as my physical symptoms began to fade…as if to show me the sheer force of the energy that managed to escape my now depleted body.

I knew I needed cleansing. I never expected this. But, you know what they say about expectations? I’m not exaclty sure, but all they seem to accomplish is a disconnect between your mindset and reality. So…do what you will, but I try to avoid them.

I honestly felt a bit like I was dying throughout the ordeal.

And in part, I believe I did. Aspects of me died, but a more authentic version of me emerged.

This is a loss that I can celebrate.

Y’know, now that I am able to stand up again.

Some things I think I learned tonight:

  • You can be free from your personal demons.
  • Freeing yourself can be scary.
  • Trusting in the process and letting it happen is essential.

Bonus: stress manifests in some pretty messed up ways! If you want to cast it out, it can be done but be prepared to be broken and rebuilt. If you expect anything, expect that it could be as difficult as that sounds…and that things will be clearer once you’re through the woods.

P.S.: I have not all of a sudden magically gotten all of these great photos in my repertoire…my eyes were opened to quality stock photos. Score! I still aim to make my own art a part of this project, but in due time.


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