29 Years

I had the good fortune to celebrate my birthday today! Yesterday, at this point. Sometimes it feels as though days don’t exist, but that comes with working night shifts.

The festivities began with my bro who shares the same date of birth. We took the kids apple picking and it was magical! By far one of my favourite autumnal activities.

The rest of the day was spent maxing the relaxing with my main fam. It was nice to simply share time and space with them for a change!

All in all, a lovely little low key birthday.  Just the way I like ’em!

I splurged on an item that I feel will benefit me greatly in this healing journey. I am now in the possession of some lovely prayer beads. Looking forward to my first meditation here in a few minutes! I’m excited to have a tool that will help me to focus and rewrite the “faulty programming” running in my mind.

Before I go – while working this evening, I had a realisation. I finally cleaned off my desk after what felt like forever and I noticed – as if for the first time – that my desk top is a large, blank canvas. The artist in me insists that it is begging to be transformed with as many colours as possible. My lovely sister is helping enable me by lending her rather extensive Sharpie collection.

I have begun my mural with a mandala.

It’s a little wonky, but hey…so’s life! Perfect in its imperfection. I am going to expand on this over time and fill the entire space.

This is as much a part of my healing journey as anything else and I’m stoked to be able to track and share the progression.

Oh! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to mention:

  • Family & Friends
  • Transitions
  • The Great Library
  • Colours
  • Meditation
  • Celebration
  • Peace

And any readership I may have! It’s great to have you; I appreciate you.


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