I have so many projects on the go right now and I have never felt more exuberant.

Normally, what would seem crushingly overwhelming is filling me with determination and resolve.
My focus, however, is still scattered.

I am attempting to accept this about myself. It comforts me to know that a lack of focus is often the mark of a genius. 😉

The beauty of this quirk is that I am focused on ALL & NONE of the projects simultaneously. It allows me to move between them on a whim, and provides me with distractions when one project becomes (temporarily) dull. I am finding that I work well this way – a true multitasker!

So with this blog, 2 books on the go, a hobby shop, a full-time job and being a wife & mother I am finding myself delightfully busy.

What I’m trying to say is: I haven’t forgotten you, dear blog! I had been quietly contemplating life and now I’m not certain what direction to go with my posts BUT the inspiration is coming…along with purpose. It’s all there, waiting to be put into action, but my shop Maybe Knit, Maybe Knot is currently in the driver’s seat. Desk-mural, however, sadly took the seat in the very back of the bus.

In time, I will come to balance all of these projects. I see it coming, and getting there is silly-exciting!! Until then, you can be sure to see occasional posts here. And soon, I will upgrade to a once-a-week schedule (ooohhhh, shiny!).

Love and light to you all!


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