The Role of Vulnerability & Forgiveness in Healing

This evening I had a terrific opportunity to attend a talk by Dr. Gabor Maté entitled:

Vulnerability: Blessing or Curse?

(Or something to that extent…short term memory is not exactly my forté.)

Before I continue: many thanks to a good friend who spared me a ticket. You rock!


Long story short: I was captivated by this presentation and swiftly brought to tears.

I heard this man – a medical doctor – effortlessly explaining why being vulnerable is indeed a blessing. Such music to my ears, for I feel that I am somewhat of a poster child for vulnerability.

Furthermore, he managed to speak about addictions and mental illness in such a way that did not cause me to feel victimized…nor stigmatized, but…understood.

I can hardly describe how refreshing it felt.

He explained that our healthcare professionals are not trained or educated regarding emotional trauma. This is crucial. Not only to me, of course, but naturally as this is a personal blog I will approach it from my perspective.

This is precisely what I have been working against for at least two decades. Of all the medical and social experts I have visited and shared my experience with…not one of them could identify the childhood trauma I had endured and/or successfully treat it. Not one of them could get a real sense of what was going on in my head.


What a relief it is to hear your suspicions confirmed by a qualified and educated presenter & author.

“…our healthcare professionals are not trained or educated regarding emotional trauma.”

Validation is great; it’s wonderful feeling understood! Unfortunately, the root issue remains unaddressed but I will leave this topic for a future post (and possibly political platform? Hah!).

I also distinctly remember feeling in awe of myself and others for coming as far as we have with the baggage we carry.

Studies show that those who suffer trauma in childhood generally end up on the street or in jail. I may be an addict, but my addiction currently serves a purpose. Conversely to what many believe my addictions keep me off the streets, out of jail, and better yet: alive.

So the next step is healing. Healing through vulnerability.

That is largely what this blog is about for me. It is this transparency (or attempt at it!) that I’m hoping will open up new avenues of possibility that lead to wellness. Dr. Gabor Maté’s presentation in combination with this video by Soul Pancake have inspired me to do a series of letters of forgiveness in an effort to seek happiness and freedom from toxic emotions. I may not post them all, but when I do there will be no use of names. Only I will know who they’re addressed to.


I would encourage you all to do the same, if you are so inclined. Also, to check out Dr. Gabor Maté’s writings. I know I will be.

Until next time: peace, love, wellness and abundance to you and yours!



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