So, I have been suffering from (what I suspect are) cancer and mild skeletal fluorosis for many, many years. My theory is that they have played a star role in the mental illness I have been experiencing. My reasoning for these suspicions should become clear in the following paragraphs, so please bear with me.

When I was young, I was labeled a hypochondriac, neurotic and a victim of psychosis.


I was forced to swallow my concerns, so I never really learned to manage them. What I needed was validation – but instead I went through cycles of denial and acute awareness – all the while thinking that I was crazy.

I was presenting with seemingly random and unrelated symptoms. All of which were dismissed by doctors.

Here are some disturbing examples of systematic neglect, for your morbid curiosity:

  • In my teenaged years I had what could have appeared to some as narcolepsy. I fell asleep in public, and often. As a lover of learning, it was unnatural for me to be falling asleep during my classes – especially in University during my favourite lectures. I had very little, to no control over this symptom. It was extremely frustrating, and embarrassing at times. Many, many instructors have considered me to be a slacker because of this…but that is in the past and I now understand that their perception of me is not accurate.
  • The dentist discovered that I have protruding bones in my gums/jaw. There was no further investigation; I was told that this “happens sometimes”.
  • An orthodontist identified ‘arthritis’ in the right side of my jaw, but recommended braces (which was not an option for me, financially). I brought this information to my family doctor and she stated that I was “too young for arthritis”. Anyone with any sensibility knows that this is so very false. Anyway, I have had extreme pain and numbness – both symptoms of oral cancer.
  • I ended up at the optometrist’s office one day after losing my vision in my right eye briefly. I had been doing neck stretches to try and combat the pain. All of a sudden – CRACK – and I was momentarily blind. What did they tell me? “Stop doing the stretch.” I was also informed that there was an institution in the US that could help, and that it would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The worst part is…I could go on.

I do want to write specifically about a cyst that was found surrounding my pituitary gland (which is located in the center of the brain). This finding was described as “incidental” and nobody tried to connect it to my other symptoms. Not only is the cyst potentially malignant; it is also a symptom of fluorosis. It would also explain my fatigue and depression – the pineal gland is the control center of melatonin and serotonin, which directly effect sleep and happiness. Starting to sound about right?

(I could go into more detail about fluorosis – unfortunately, I was poisoned by overdosing on mandatory fluoride drops as a young child…but that is a story for another day).


I have gotten almost NO help from modern medicine. This may not be the standard, but it has certainly been the case for me.

I actually ended up being diagnosed with cancer that developed from HPV when I was around 22. It disappeared on its own after I gave birth, but I have had complications aplenty in other areas of my body both before and since then. The cervical cancer may have even returned, but no matter…

Most of my symptoms have gotten progressively worse, and I have been noticing growths that are expanding in my neck, mouth and jaw as of late. I have been losing feeling and mobility in my extremities. I have seen what I suspect is melanoma on my lower body and watched it grow and recede, and so on.

I have been treating these growths successfully with my own homemade salve, so loved ones please do not despair! I have experienced the immediate shrinkage of these growths and I am hopeful for a growth-free future.

Through my story I hope to inspire hope in others that healing is possible, and in a big way.

That being said – I am positively livid with the way my situation has been handled by countless medical professionals. Or, I should say, utterly ignored. By the time that anything would have been diagnosed, I would have been on death’s doorstep. I am trying to turn my anger into something constructive for not only myself, but others as well.

By all means, SEE A DOCTOR. But if that fails, PLEASE do your own research RESPONSIBLY. I recommend looking into Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears and various cannabis treatments that are -not- smoking it.


In hindsight, my young self was anything but crazy – it was very much aware of what was happening internally. I have survived not only biologically, but also emotionally. It has been a very heavy journey to be sure, but things are looking up.

I would love to hear your own stories of recovery, or answer questions you might have regarding mine.

Love and light to you and yours. Seek health!


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