DRAWDOWN – Reducing the Global Carbon Footprint

Finally, some solutions.

(Please click the picture below for the list and to read an interview with Paul Hawken:)


I have really struggled with the idea of my own carbon footprint. I know it’s not just important, but crucial to survive and thrive as a species. The problem is, I have driven myself into such anxiety and depression over my personal impact that I forgot to hold the corporations keeping me…keeping us all…hooked. Trapped. There are some serious changes that need to happen for a mainstream paradigm shift in this context…or any. 
That aside, it’s really nice to know which steps are within our capabilities (and sensibilities…I actually largely avoided eating for a while out of fear of the impact the groceries would incur environmentally, and had breakdowns over using fossil fuels to get around…but that’s my level 9000 anxiety taking over. While my reaction may be somewhat extreme, there most certainly is an intricate correlation between the health of our mother planet and our personal health – both mental and physical – whether or not people are as hyper-aware of it as I can be). While the bulk of the task lies on corporations, it requires our cooperation. Let us do our best to embrace the incoming changes, and try not to resist.
There is a disheartening, but poignant video at the end of the article posted above. May it inspire urgency, while the comprehensive solutions provided minimize overwhelm.
Love, light and peace to you…I believe we can make a difference ❤

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