You Should Meditate, But…

Meditation is proven to be effective, and don’t just take my word for it – look it up, or better yet take it up…


There are those of us who, for one reason or another, are already hyper-aware. This is usually accompanied by physical pain (in any-which body part…sometimes lists of them). It is more than enough to distract from any minute amount of meditation.

If you have any sort of chronic pain I guarantee you know what I’m talking about.


In order for us to even begin meditating, we are required is to somehow turn off the “fight-or-flight” response. If you have ever even felt in danger, even momentary (someone spook you from behind? feel your heart rate increase, and your breath become erratic?), then you can appreciate the fear and adrenaline that drives you toward safety. As far as I know, everyone has these experiences. But if you have undergone any trauma in your developing years – whether inside or outside of the womb – then you have been unable to escape because you aren’t yet consciously aware that the trauma has ended.

When you go through something like this while you were a developing child, you end up stuck in states of panic, frenzy and general anxiety. If you manage to survive the trauma, you are not only trapped in it but you are faced with the depressed feelings that accompany the loss* you have experienced.

This can be seen on brain imaging scans. Reliably enough that they don’t even bother doing the test on patients already diagnosed with mental illness.


Anyone, who in any way suffers like this, is reacting to the trauma(s) they have experienced. We refer to this as PTSD. In case you haven’t seen the latest studies in psychology, this no longer applies solely to soldiers who have returned from service – it very much applies to unresolved cases of survivors of childhood sexual abuse, neglect, injury, etc.

Encouragingly, there is a way to recover…though I am remiss to tell you that it can be an incredibly painful process. YET, I can assure you that the benefits and blessings that come from said process are innumerable and immeasurable. This is where I ask you, if you are suffering, to hope. And act.

I call you to action, no matter how tired you are.

Hoping is, after all, an action. Between your current life and the life that you want is a meeting place…one that you need to get to by any means necessary. It doesn’t have to be hard. There are an infinite number of aides you can choose from. brain

The key in relieving the symptoms of this horrifying and debilitating illness is to stop the memories. In the not-so-distant past, doctors resorted to electrocuting the brain…but this was a tragically incorrect and inhumane procedure.

muscleWhat they hadn’t realised is that the memory is not stored in the brain, but managed in the brain. The memories are actually stored in muscle. We now understand that water molecules have memory of the environment it has been in. We also understand that the human body is largely composed of water…which is present throughout the skin, muscle and organ tissues of the human form.

The following video is an excellent case against the modern plumbing system (which is incredibly dysfunctional from start, to finish and back again). It also parallels the lives of someone who has gone through trauma and abuse. The footage is incredible, and the implications associated with it are difficult to fathom but most definitely worth our consideration on a grander scale…:

another example of how we are intrinsically part of nature, and…well, everything.


The good news here is that it is relatively simple to remedy this, but our society does not support any sort of transition away from modern plumbing…nor does it properly acknowledge the spiritual side of science. There has been a great divide, and either side is unwilling to cooperate and collaborate. I am as guilty of it as anyone; I am always ready to take a stand for some cause, and my passion can (and often will) take me all the way with it. But what we need to do is meet each other in somewhere in the middle in order to reach any sort of solution.

I have a favourite treatment, that I have been tinkering with. I write about it often enough, and it is cannabis. All the cannabis. Topical works incredibly well, because of the direct contact to the skin and absorption into the muscle fibres.

I really recommend this if you are feeling panicked, or have chronic pain. It will help greatly in returning to a state of relaxation…a state where you are not constantly running from what ails you.


Love, light and many blessings,

Erin B


*This loss is referred to as “soul loss” by shaman. I have some theories on this and I am happy to discuss them with anyone who might be interested. Feel free to reach out via comment or message me through The Littlest Libra’s Facebook Page



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