It’s All in Your Head

I love this statement – “it’s all in your head” – nothing like laying out the obvious.

For some reason, this particular combination of words has been used to belittle and invalidate people who are suffering.

And it makes. NO. SENSE!

What is anything, if not in your head?! If there is anything out and about one’s head then it is most certainly processed through the usage of said head; the eyes, the brain. This is all basic biology, right?

Without sight, I would imagine (as I cannot say for sure since I possess sight) you simply experience stimuli differently. Without ever having seen anything, you’ve not any reference for recalling images in your mind, I suppose? Perhaps, when it comes to certain types of mental illness, a troubled blind person might perceive abstract shapes or waves of darkness about them…just as a troubled person with sight might see shadowy figures stalking them. After all, mental illness is often likened to both an inner demon, and some sort of “big black dog” or other form hovering over its target.

It’s a parasite, something separate from the self.

Too tired…to be continued…


…in the mean time, any thoughts?


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