From Dusk to Dawn

I work the night shift.

The graveyard shift.


When I am starting my day, my daughter is just coming home from day-care and my husband is preparing for supper.

Somewhere mid-shift, it is mid-night…but I am ready for lunch.

As the sun comes up, I pine for sleep.

With this routine comes an inexplicable loneliness. And trust me, I have tried to convey it; my words always fall short.

With all of this time to myself, I have been immersed into a journey to the under world. Figuratively speaking. I sit at my desk, but my mind is learning about the evils at work in the shadows of our world.

If it weren’t for my fellow night-shifter, people in earlier time zones, and the occasional insomniac I would find it incredibly difficult to stay afloat in the murky waters of the deep, deep dark.


And the moon. The moon feels like a good friend in this shrouded world I’ve found myself in.

I long for light; I lose sleep on weekends just to experience its glory during daylight hours and to spend time with my beloved family. Sometimes, even friends. I hope my graveyard shift is up soon…I wish to spend time with the living.



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