Using music to help recover from sexual transgression.

The Fight for Freedom

I am currently working with a counselor to help in my recovery from PTSD. Before now, it was as though I wasn't able to see my situation for what it was... ...other than overwhelmingly all-consuming. I had difficulty even identifying as a survivor until now. My demons would have liked me to believe that I've been making things up and... Continue Reading →

How Elections Impact Mental Health

Today's the day; whether you are a U.S. citizen or not, you've likely been anxiously awaiting the outcome of this particularly...dramatic election. How does this impact our mental health? Propaganda, memes, lively debates, the comment section of almost the entire Internet... how are these affecting our thoughts, emotions and actions? Listen... I live north of... Continue Reading →

Just Like Waves

I won't dance around it; I'm done dancing (when it's not for joy). I am feeling alone. Not lonely - I am blessed with friends, both close and distant. I am literally and figuratively surrounded by caring family members aplenty. I share my space with loving animal companions who shower me with more affection than I figure I deserve. So... Continue Reading →

Am I Using the Wrong Words?

I have been seeking help for years now, in its various forms. Therapy, for me, began at age seven. My first suicide attempt at age nine. My life was just supposed to be getting started, but I was already tasked with trying to pick up the pieces of myself...and they were scattered into so many shards... Continue Reading →

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