Cosmic Dreams

Just a lovely little piece that came up in a playlist I'm listening to on Google Play. I had been thinking that this would be perfect in an anime soundtrack...turns out it is, according to the YouTube comments ūüôā It starts out a bit slow, but if you stick with it I think you will... Continue Reading →

It’s All in Your Head

I love this statement - "it's all in your head" - nothing like laying out the obvious. For some reason, this particular combination of words has been used to belittle and invalidate people who are suffering. And it makes. NO. SENSE! What is anything, if not in your head?! If there¬†is¬†anything out and about one's... Continue Reading →

It’ll Grow Back

If you're reading this...and you and I have met...and we are real-life friends/family, then I'm probably okay with you knowing about this because you care enough to read my blog posts. I appreciate that. Even still - and otherwise - you might be tempted to judge me harshly. That's okay. I am confident in saying... Continue Reading →

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